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There's a lot to know about vape bottles. Not convinced? Well, that's okay, at the end of this you will be. The thing about bottles is that there are all sorts of options from size to shape to need. Knowing what you want or don't want is critical to figuring out how you're going to be on the move with liquid in tow. When it comes to e juice bottles, you will want to know that you're going to be looking at the trustworthy options that are going to help you enjoy your quality product without needing the “whole kit and caboodle” as the saying goes. So, here's everything you need to know.


glass e liquid bottles UK

Benefits of Bottles

Whether you already knew this or not, vape bottles have all sorts of benefits to them. They're stylish and have a small reusable footprint that makes them ideal for modern shoppers. Vaping bottles don't have to be sketchy or awkward. It just comes down to knowing what qualities go into creating e juice bottles that are going to actually be useful for you and your needs.


Easy to store: Whether it's in use or not, you'll find that vaping bottles are going to be easy to store in your home, vehicle or on your person. They're comfortable to tuck away and will fit all sorts of places. This is especially so with the unicorn bottles UK versions that you'll find.

Reusable: One of the best things about e juice bottles is that they are reusable. You can simply wash, sanitize, do whatever you need to do, and then fill them them up again. This means less expense for you, too, in equipping your home with your must-have accessories.

Do your part for eco-friendly: One of the best options out there now is going to be the idea of “reduce, reuse, recycle” and you'll be doing your part by taking a look at vaping bottles and how you can reuse them over and over. Great for doing your part and still enjoying convenience as well.

Discrete: The best thing when you're on the move or looking to keep your stash a secret from your nosy roommate is that these bottles are going to be discrete. You'll be able to enjoy putting them in the right spot and trust that no one poking around is going to stumble upon them. This also makes them great to pack, too, if you're going away for a few days.

Unicorn Bottles UK

Common Options:

Now that you're coming around to understanding the many benefits of bottles, you need to take a look at the bet options that are going to be out there to give you the right introduction to them in real life. Here are our top options that will really make a difference for your comfort and convenience in e liquid storage.

Unicorn Bottles:

By far the hottest option is going to be unicorn bottles UK style. These are modern options that will offer a small footprint and a great shape that even has a unicorn appeal to it with the beginnings of a horn in place. You'll want to use this as your go-to option if you want something that is going to be impressive on all levels your first try.

LDPE E Liquid Bottles:

If you want a dependable back-up, consider looking at bottles made from LDPE. These are going to come in a series of sizes but you'll be able to enjoy the fact that these are squeezable without giving you any indication that they're going to bust open and spill their contents when squeezed by mistake. Perfect for easy pouring and fast access, which is going to impress you big time.

HDPE E Liquid Bottles:

Not convinced? Take a look at the more durable option of HDPE bottles. This is still going to be squeezable, but you will be able to rest assured that the higher durability can give you the peace of mind that you're going for.

PET E Liquid Bottles:

For a clear option with the same durability, PET is what you'll want. This will be 100% clear so that you can see everything inside as if it was sitting in your hand. Perfect for those that need to keep a close eye on its contents.

Glass E Liquid Bottles:

Why invent the wheel, right? If you want something that is going to classic and rustic and give you an old-timely feel, glass bottles are great. We stock both clear and brown e liquid glass bottles.


Regardless of what you choose for your e liquid storage, you'll find you can never go wrong with the choice at vaping bottles.

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