Vaping Bottles - About Us

Who Are We?

We supply great value e liquid bottles to the UK vaping community.
We put the customer at the heart of everything we do.  This includes delivering consistently excellent customer service, and keeping our profit margins low in order to provide you with the best prices possible.
But, more than that, we are passionate vapers.  

At a time of ever-increasing restrictions and 'regulations' (we're looking at you, TPD!), we believe that it's critical for the vaping industry as a whole to have a strong community involvement.  We are active in the vaping community, and we like to give back to you wonderful fellow vapers who make this such an exciting industry to be involved in.  

Our social media pages, especially Facebook, are places where you can interact with staff, get discount codes, enter giveaways and competitions, and generally just chat about all things vaping.  You can find all our social media links at the bottom of the page.  

The business founder, Dan Lewis, also writes a regular blog on relevant vaping topics, a great way for us to pass on our knowledge and passion.

    From Our Founder

    vaping e juice


    How it all began...!  During a bad case of man flu a few years ago, I was unable to smoke my trusty roll-ups for a week.  A friend had bought a new e-cigarette to try out and the appeal of being able to get my nicotine fix whilst lying in bed feeling terrible was enough to get me to try vaping for the first time - but I had no idea how effective it would be. 

    Years on and I haven't had a single cigarette since - and this is where my passion for vaping comes from.  Over a decade I had tried multiple different ways of giving up smoking - all of which had failed.  However, it's true to say vaping was life-changing for me.  

    After successfully giving up cigarettes, vaping quickly became a hobby and then a passion.  I loved the hours spent learning the intricacies of it, how to build exotic coils, and of course learning how to mix great e-liquid at home, the subject of one of my blogs.

    In founding Vaping Bottles, my aim was to continue to be very active in the vaping community and help others learn more about the potential benefits of vaping - all whilst providing a valuable and high quality service to home-mixers and e-liquid manufacturers. 

    Thank you for reading.  Please browse the site and should you have any queries, we'd love to hear from you!  Our Facebook group is a great place to ask general vaping questions, and for any general enquiries you can email me directly at

    Happy vaping!