Vaping Bottles

Help Us Help The Earth!

All of our bottles are totally recyclable, so please take advantage of your local council's recycling facilities when disposing of your used bottles.  

Our bottles can be re-used once you've finished your bottle of e-liquid.  If you do re-use rather than renew, you can wash your bottles out with warm water and soap, and then rinse thoroughly to ensure no traces of soap remain - however extensive re-using of plastic bottles isn't recommended, due to plastic degrading over time.

If you like re-using your bottles, we recommend buying either our clear or amber glass bottles for storing your e-liquid in.  Glass has a significantly longer lifespan than plastic, when it comes to storing e-liquid, and it's easier to wash and clean.  It also has the advantage of being less porous than plastic, so it's easier to get rid of any lingering odours.