E Liquid Bottles, Which One?

What e liquid bottles should I use ?

We know that it can sometimes be hard to decide which type of bottle to store your lovely e-liquid in, so we summarised each type of material we use below:


LDPE bottles are soft and easily-squeezable.  These are the most popular type of vaping bottle, and are a good place to start if you're not sure what you're after.  Easy squeezy!


HDPE bottles are firmer and more durable than LDPE, so these are the ones for you if you like your e liquid bottles to have a bit of a backbone about them!


PET bottles are firm and durable like HDPE ones, but they're completely transparent.  Like being able to see your e liquids perfectly?  PET is for you!  


Unicorn bottles are made of LDPE (unfortunately we're fresh out of unicorn hair), and are a long, thin shape.  These bottles are ideal if you're out and about a lot, as they are more easily transported than the classic shape bottles.  Perfect for pockets! 

Wide-Neck 'Chubby'

These bad-boys aren't just chubby by name - the big wide-neck allows for super easy mixing of e liquids at home. They're made from PET, and so also keep their shape well.  


Well, we're sure you know what glass is by now.  Some people prefer glass over plastic to store their e-liquids in as it's easily washed out and reused, others prefer plastic bottles as you can dispense the e liquid directly from the bottle without using a dropper cap.

Both our clear glass and amber glass is perfect for storing e liquid in, but we recommend our amber glass for storing nicotine in due to the fact it filters out sunlight.